April 30, 2017

You Turn Me On

I woke early this morning again. That is what happens when you take a Saturday afternoon nap. The sky is a blend of pinks and purples through the foliage of he big willow tree outside my office window. Music is playing softly in the background as Pandora Radio shuffles through progressive and classic rock artists. At this exact moment it is Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. My coffee is luke warm and the mug is nearly empty.

It is a good day. I count my blessings.

It is supposed to be much warmer today, back to near 80, but more rain is on tap. Yesterday evening my neighbor was mowing her lawn. The mower was struggling in the wet grass. It is no wonder -- we got a couple of inches of rain yesterday. Sometimes I wonder about people. Me, I had a lazy Saturday.  I binged watch some episodes of the History Channel series Vikings. I am almost through Season 1. The series isn't much on history*,  authenticity, genealogy, costumes, or actual chronology, but it is entertaining. I hung some curtains for the wife with no quibbles about the curtain rod being level. I watched and dozed through the Cubs game. I can feel you nodding off just trying to get through this paragraph. That was my Saturday. It doesn't look like anything more exciting is on tap for today. So it goes. No one ever promised entries would be consistently interesting around here.

I hope you have a great Sunday.

* For instance "England" as a place name or even concept did not exist in the Eighth Century


Anonymous said...

I started watching the series about Einstein , interesting but really hard to follow. I will be checking what the History channel has to say against other written articles. . So far it seems clear being a genius doesn’t not always include common sense

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

That reminds me to watch Einstein. Thanks.

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