May 31, 2017

Groovy Baby

This was bouncing around in my head this Morning. Maybe that is why I have a migraine. I thought you might enjoy a trip back to the Sixties too.


Unknown said...

Guh-roovy, ya fat cat from Katmandoo
-sez Austin POW!ers

But, yet, that aint nthn
compared to Seventh-Heaven.
the Great Beyond's a wild-ride,
psychadelic, exquisite review
for those faithFULL
to God till death, bro.

If that's you
or if ya wanna jump4joy
at having found what
you're lookin for
(never mind Tommy
whose prooo'bly already Upstairs
amid the psycotropic meds
of Utopian Paradise),
follow us...

trustNjesus, bro.
God bless your indelible soul.
Meet me Upstairs.
Let's getta Big-Ol beer.
Gotta lotta tok bout.

Joe said...


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