May 13, 2017

I don't need no stinkin' images

I spent an hour yesterday on a post about Edward Hopper's painting Summer Evening. That is about four times longer than I spend on a typical post.* After all of the effort, I could not get the image of the picture to appear. I even tried on my crappy laptop. I gave it about five minutes of effort again this morning. The heck with it. You can look it up at the link above, if you are so inclined.

In a nutshell, I like this artwork way more than Hopper's more famous diner painting (Nighthawks) which you have seen and will say, "oh that guy".

It looks to be a gorgeous day here at the old homestead. While it is in the forties as I peck on the keyboard, temperatures should top out in the low seventies today with sunshine. I can live with that. I have some yard work to do.

We moseyed down to Shelbytucky last evening to visit with some old friends. We haven't seen them much since we moved away a few years ago. I do not miss the old town where we lived for 24 years a single bit. I drove past the house where my kids grew up without a single nostalgic twinge. It is weird, I spent more than half of my adult life in that burg, but I harbor no fondness for the city. I guess it is because I never really worked there, I worked from a solitary office or from home and spent a lot of time on the road. Sure, I coached kid's sports, and knew some people; but I never put down roots in the community. My wife and kids certainly view the place as their hometown. Sadly, for me it was always just a place where I lived.

Well, enjoy your Saturday.

* you can tell, right?


Anonymous said...

I grew up in a small town in Northern Indiana. I still have a few family members in the area. I have no desire to return, what I once enjoyed about the small town has long gone away. Like hundreds of other small towns, progress has passed them by, the factories have closed, drugs have taken over and there is little or no reason to remain. The blame can be passed around, not able to compete due to a multitude of reasons, mostly NAFTA and Unions. Thirty years of constant moving in the military has removed any romantic ideas of the old home town. I have a home country.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

I always wished I'd been born a generation earlier. Always very drawn to the 30s and 40s. Love Hoppers work.

hey teacher... said...

Hopper's sense of melancholy and isolation can really suck you in. Another painter of his generation, George Tooker took that even further. Check out his"Government Bureau" and "Subway". Hey, how about in addition to Friday Music you do Artsy Fartsy Thursday?

Joe said...

I was heading in that direction, but the issues with publishing images makes posts about art difficult. I will check out Tooker.

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