May 9, 2017

I'm not snoring

It is once again raining. Despite a few days of sun, the soil is still waterlogged and small puddles are forming in the yard already. I am glad I mowed yesterday. My Son-in-Law had to go to a business conference this week, so I cut his grass yesterday as well. According to my trusty and probably not too accurate iPhone, I walked over five miles yesterday. Since pretty much all of that exercise was from pushing a mower, I can posit that walking was in 20 or 21 inch wide strips across two lawns. Mowing 13,000 steps is not as boring as slogging on a treadmill, but pretty close.

In other news...nothing comes to mind. My coffee cup is empty. That seems like a good place to wrap it up.


Anonymous said...

92 today, 95 tomorrow.. Boat is finally cleaned and ready.

James Old Guy

Joe said...

We are supposed to have sunny days in he 70s and 80s for tne next week after the rains move out this morning

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