May 5, 2017

Work on the Ark continues as the rains fall in torrents

It is another wet, dreary, windy, soggy day. There is water standing in various parts of the yard. The soil is a soggy sponge, completely waterlogged. And still it rains. Flooding has become a widespread problem as fields, parking lots, streams, and ponds overflow. The problem with flat land is that excess water is not funneled, but just spreads. That means fewer flash floods, but more areal flooding.   I wish I had tried to mow the grass during the brief dry spell Tuesday. The rain is supposed to finally end sometime Saturday afternoon. It will remain chilly through next week.

Enough of the weather report. Today is the big Mexican holiday we celebrate in America. I have a couple of brands of Mexican beer in the garage 'fridge. I may crack one when I watch the ball game this afternoon.


Nope. I have the day off. Next week too. And the next one. I accepted a new job this past Monday. I start on the 22nd. My current former employer was a bit miffed and decided he would rather pay me to sit at home rather than get what he imagined would be a half-hearted, lame-duck effort. That was his choice. The crazy part is I will not be a competitor in my new gig. I'm going into a new (old for me) industry. I'm going back into the widget business, calling on the same customer base I enjoyed for the first half of my career. I am excited and happy. More importantly, I'm going to an employer that seems to value its employees, not a penny-pinching-screw-the-worker company that cares little for anything but money. And yes, I know that business only exist to make money, but constant employee turnover does effect the bottom line and customer satisfaction. As proof I offer that twice in the past two years I have found my base and commissions cut to ensure my annual compensation remains steady, despite increasing sales by double digits and exceeding my sales plan. I was told in January that my latest "rate adjustment" reflected what they wanted to pay me all along, but knew I wouldn't have taken the job on those terms. The boss was shocked I quit.

Did I mention it is raining like it is monsoon season?


Anonymous said...

I suspect the boss will be looking for new work soon. Sounds like the HR and Finance department need to be cleaned out in that company. Glad your new old job makes you happy.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

Congratulations, Joe!

Dan O. said...

I'm glad I did take advantage of weather on Wednesday and mow our lawn. Probably need to do the same again this coming Sunday. As I did last Sunday afternoon.

AS for your employment change, sounds you like you made the right move. Best of luck Joe!

My 13th anniversary at current job is coming up in 12 days. Beats my previous employment continuity by 6 1/2 years. Longest employment prior to that was my 6 years in the Navy which ended in 1986.

Ed Bonderenka said...

May God shine on your employment.

Joe said...

Gracias everybody

I'm in the spirit of the day

hey teacher... said...

Congrats on the new/old job. Hopefully they do not make the spinning widgets that the kiddos are bringing to school and pretending that it is a cure for their ADD (that they have not been diagnosed with.) I am sure your daughter is thrilled with them.

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