June 19, 2017

Dear Liberals

i keep reading that we must stop cultural approbation. This where one group of people use another group's symbols, style, dress, language, cuisine, or culture. An example is white chicks and dudes in dreadlocks.

How does this square with the idea of multiculturalism?

If we do not strive for a true "melting pot" culture do we not risk increasing tribalism, nationalism, and xenophobia -- you know, all the stuff Trump is accused of formenting,  encouraging, and promoting?

I am just a dumb old white guy with right-leaning political ideas so every progressive liberal in the world is smarter than I am. Could someone explain this paradox to me?


Melissa said...

Good question

Anonymous said...

As an Italian, I am demanding the closure of all pizza joints that are not run 100% by a native Italian (I am 100% Italian, thank you DNA)This includes, Dominoes, Papa John's and ALL Olive Garden Faux Restaurants.

More liberal jackass propaganda. Boy of boy, do I despise them. When are they going to self-destruct?????

No one in America is allowed to eat gelato either. Nor slice another slice off of Italian bread!

hey teacher... said...

Much like white supremacy groups wanting all African AMERICANS sent back to Africa. Boy I hate ALL conservatives! Wait, no I don't, I just despise some of the rhetoric from the way far to the right fringe. Lumping all liberals into one block and all conservatives into another is what has gotten us into this debacle. I teach with many conservatives, I go to church with many conservatives, I am currently walking 4-5 miles a day with a conservative so we can remain healthy enough to live through this storm. I don't despise them, I talk to them and we agree on somethings and disagree on others. One thing we all agree on is that BOTH edges of the spectrum need to have less power than the vast majority of the people towards the center.

Anonymous said...

Hey teacher! Of course you are getting along with the conservatives in your life. Know why? Because they are conservatives and not progressive liberals (PJ). With the PJs if you don't think like them, the chance of them associating with you, taking walks in the park and going to church together would be ZERO.

Like, duh? man

hey teacher... said...

Hey Anon! I guess you missed the first sentence of my post. I'm guessing that Ultra Conservatives (UCKs) wouldn't want to walk with me or attend church with me, etc... either.
Like duh? duh? man

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

My explanation is "screw these people and the horse they rode in on."

That's the only real response to this kind of idiocy. Besides pointing and laughing and mocking them.

Anonymous said...

I can partly understand how, lets say, an African American person who strongly identifies to their African culture by wearing African style patterned clothing would not like me, a culturally Northern European mutt married to an Italian, also wearing said clothing. To them it may mean I'm devaluing their cultural identity as I have no tie to it. But me wearing said clothing could mean I am interested in their heritage and respect it and find it beautiful.

But can we each try employing a nice dose of tolerance and an attempt at seeing the other point of view without bashing it?

One of the best lessons I learned in college, I didn't learn in class. And that was to listen to people's differing perspectives on various topics, regardless of how different they were from mine. And to share my perspective on things as well and hear what other's thought about it. It opened my eyes to the fact that my reality is not your reality. It doesn't mean mine is right and yours is wrong.

The escalating venom and hate is just sickening and not productive. It is a cancer and will destroy us individually and as a society.

Yours- DeeCee

Joe said...
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Practical Parsimony said...

I am a liberal and agree with everything you say. Don't paint us all with the same broad brush. People on both sides get weird sometimes. I am horrified with what is coming from the White House and the reactions to it.

Capppy said...

Hi Cindi -

I'm going to appropriate pizza every chance I get. Also cannoli.

Joe said...

The title was indeed a broad brush. It drew you in and that is the purpose of a title.

I think I could enjoy a beer and conversation with just about anyone who comments here. We could agree to disagree on the few topics we could not find common ground.

Yes the fringe on both sides are extreme. No one pays attention to the guys on tinfoil helmets watching for black helicopters on the right. The fringe on the left gets a ton of media attention and often their views are presented as mainstream.

I suspect most of find the whole I"'m whatever sex I choose today, I want to choose my own pronoun, I need to ask my infant permission to pick him up, let's pass a UN resolution decrying cultural approbation" stuff as a lot of nonsense, even if we will not admit it in public.

I am concerned there is a movement, especially among the younger set ( get off my lawn you damn hippies) to stifle speech. Groupthink is a dangerous course for a freedom loving people.

Sorry, there are no safe spaces in life. Man is rough, dangerous, and a top predator. "Imagine" was just a song and no way to build a society. I will continue to point out the lack of logic, common sense, and unrealistic expectations from all sides of the political spectrum.

Joe said...

Let me add that I don't care if you view yourself as a half man half woman wolf hybrid superhero. Whatever. But it is not incumbent upon me to play along. I will not ever address anyone as "Zee" or "Zur". Not gonna happen.

I don't care what you do in your bedroom, as long as all parties are consenting adults. I don't want to see gay couples fondling each other on the sidewalk. I don't want to see heterosexual couples fondling each other on the sidewalk.

I don't care if your skin is darker or lighter any more than I care about eye color. Similarly, I have no guilt about slavery. I was born a hundred years after the cilvil war. I was in kindergarten when MLK was murdered. I had nothing to do with Jim Crow. Demanding whites vacate a college for a day is just as discriminatory as demands that people of color should vacate. It is nonsense and shame on the students. -- mostly white -- demanding the professor for pointing it out.

Yes, I am a live and let live small "l" libetarian who is increasingly incensed by the level of intolerance exhibited by many on the left. This is where liberalism has moved and those of you who embrace that side of the political aisle have to own it.

Me, I will own up to the myriad of typos from writing these comments on my iPad keyboard.

Scott said...

Hoosierboy, you are awesome. It needed to be said.

Joe said...


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