June 21, 2017

Head Scratchin' Here, Boss

According to this story, a local convenience store clerk is being charged with a crime for trying to stop a thief. WTH? Stealing is stealing. It does not matter what is being stolen. If the criminal in question was stealing a Lexus would the situation be different?

Is there something magic about taking a five-finger discount on cigars? Michael Brown swiped stogies, and according to some, the Ferguson cop had no right to arrest Brown.

What is our society coming to when you cannot protect yourself or your property? Just as disturbing are the number of people interviewed on the evening news who think the clerk was out of bounds. I suspect their attitude would change in a hurry if folks helped themselves to their property.

I may start buying my gas at this station from now on.


Anonymous said...

He will be fired of course, thieves have more rights than property owners.

B said...

As I interpret the law (I'm no lawyer, mind you) he used threat of Deadly Force to hold a suspect who was no threat to him or anyone else (who was, in fact, leaving). While I would likely have done the same thing, there was no threat, therefore the use of a firearm *even to threaten) was contraindicated.

Damn straight he "Intimidated" the would be redistributionist.

He should have gotten a warning and a pat on the head. Yes, he (technically) broke the law.


Dan O. said...

Have to go with what B said above. You only pull your firearm if you are in fear for your or someone else's life or severe bodily harm. The threat must be perceived as imminent. Something stressed in CCW classes. We're licensed for self defense not to do a LEO's job.

In this case there was no threat and the shoplifter was leaving. No mention that he was armed or made any threats.

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