June 29, 2017

Phillip Mabry was a lonely man

I'm sitting on the patio drinking my coffee and surfing the interwebz this morning. Life is good. It is mild with a moderate breeze that is mostly blocked by the bulk of the house and the privacy fence. Looking over the grass it appears a cutting will soon by in order. Perhaps this evening if the rain holds off.

In other news...well I have nothing. According to the media Trump and the Republicans are evil Russia lovers who want everyone to die because of...insert outrage du jour...

I think Victor Davis Hanson is correct when he argued the Democrats have to focus on outrage, because they have no agenda to promote that the voters want. People might hate the Republican health care proposal, but they don't like ObamaCare either. Perhaps Democrats can tout the Iran treaty. Their success in Libya. Maybe gun control or their opposition to over-the-counter birth control. Maybe Dems will brag about the crime rates in Chicago, Gary, Detroit, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Indy or Newark; all run by Democrats. The old tax and spend routine lost its appeal a while ago. Perhaps the "abort your baby so we can sell the parts" angle will work? It is your snatch, do what you want. Do you think pushing to let high school boys shower with your daughter is a winner? I know, continue to label everyone in flyover country as ignorant, bigoted, rednecks. Insulting your constituents always gets you votes.

I guess I understand. I would focus on the "Trump helped the Russians defeat the greatest candidate in history" fairy tale too. Were I Obama and my policies had hurt my party so much, I guess I would be off on a six month vacation too.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Well said. Posted to FB.

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