July 3, 2017

As time goes by

I don't know where yesterday went. I did something, I guess. I know I watered the flowers and my tomatoes. I ate lunch. We went for Mexican for supper. I did watch and doze through the baseball game. Other than that, I have no clue. And I got up a little after six in the morning. Insert a shrug of the shoulders here.

Around nine we grabbed some lawn chairs and sauntered out to the curb. The denizens of our cul-de-sac were having a miniature fireworks show. One neighbor bought a ton of explosives and we all gathered to enjoy. It was nice gathering as a mini-community. This is the first place I have lived since I was a kid where I sorta know my neighbors. I actually know their names and speak to them. One neighbor provided popcorn for everyone. It was a nice gathering of 20-25 people. It was a good old fashioned Fourth of July. I helped clean up the mess in the center of the street and it was after 11 when I came in.

It looks like rain is moving in this evening and a soggy Fourth is predicted. I bet your forecast is similar based on my research. We have looked in vain for some decent weather to take a mini vacation. I guess I will save my hotel points and my vacation days. I see no point in sitting in a hotel room watching it rain.

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