July 28, 2017

'Night Pa. 'Night John Boy

If I intended to post a Friday Music selection today -- I'm not -- a good choice might be "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge. Perhaps you don't remember that '70s pop tune. I do. I did not care for it then and I don't want to hear it now. Except that by mentioning it here, it sprang into my head . Darn you blog me.


Back on track. You have to quit getting me diverted. That reminds me of this teacher back in school. All you had to do was ask about WWII and off he would go, regardless of the lesson plan. This one time... *slap*

You might remember my youngest kid moved back home in June. Shortly after that my daughter and her family moved in while their new house is being built. I have to say all is going pretty well. It is crowded, but we seem to be avoiding one another's toes. The new house is slated to close by mid-August. No problem. It is great having my granddaughter here all of the time. And my daughter and SIL too.

My oldest son is in transition. His  apartment lease is up August 1st and he has no place to live while he transitions to a new job in another state. So it looks like he will be moving in for a week or two...

I'm more than glad to have him. I miss him. We don't see him often enough and he is going through a tough time. He broke up with his long-time girlfriend. His band broke up. He is moving far away for a new job. I have no idea where he is going to sleep. I don't know where he will put his clothing or stuff. The wife tells me not to worry. She says it will be fine. I count the bedrooms and I count the mattresses and I count the occupants and I keep getting numbers that don't add up; I don't have to use my toes to calculate that seven people don't fit into four bedrooms.

It will be great to have my whole family back under one roof for the first time since a Bush was in the White House.  I just wish that roof was a little larger. I said when we bought this house I wished it had a finished basement. I get so tired of being right.

Not really.

Do any of you have a spare bedroom? I don't eat much. I will provide my own beer. I do insist on the good toilet paper though.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Rent a pop up camper for the backyard.

Anonymous said...

This too shall pass.

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