August 25, 2017

Mitigating factors

I don't think I have featured The Eagles here at the old blogeroo.

I might be wrong. I cannot remember every post. What do you think I am, a radio?

Things continue to be dry here in God's favorite State. The grass is brown. Only the weeds are growing. I am pulling in tomatoes like crazy, but the blooms are pretty sparse so the harvest is going to be short, I fear.

Heading out to Jeff and Larry's Backyard BBQ tomorrow evening. I am excited about that. I have no doubt that the Perpetually Offended are offended about the whole idea of the show. Why? I don't know. The things that offend the Perpetually Offended often mystify me. That fact, I am sure, makes my very existence offensive.

Are micoagressions a big deal to Little People?

Oh, and for those of you who believe my entire "wealth" is based on stealing the work of slaves, I can only opine that my ancestors were obviously bad at stealing. My bank account is pretty close to empty.

Dang it. I swore there was not going to be any politics today.

Bad Joe.

Enjoy your day.


Anonymous said...

My ancestors were fed as fodder to the lions at The Roman Coliseum back in BC (or early AC). You won't find me knocking on any Italian Government Assembly door protesting for financial restitution any time soon.
Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Only concert I have been too that the band sounded exactly like the song on the record. Oh, your link is blocked in this country.

James Old Guy

Joe said...

Well shit. It will buy took 3 days for anyone to notice. I'd like to say it was on purpose

I'm not that clever

Joe said...

Except for the one line in the post. I liked it. Readers, not so much.

Again, I'm not as clever as I imagine

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