August 5, 2017

Mostly I am just waiting on my tomatoes to ripen

The youngest boy* had the early shift this morning. His dog is curled up beside me on the couch. He is snoring. It is a fall-like 57 this morning and temps are forecasted in the 70's. This is not the global warming we were warned about.

My coffee tastes good this morning. The caffeine doesn't seem to inspire my brain to provide entertaining or meaningful content.

I could write about my mysterious case of jock itch. I suspect you are not too interested. I could describe the minutiae of work. I would be bored just writing it. I toyed with penning a rant about free speech and that liberal tyrant Lena What's-her-face. She ratted out two airline employees who had the temerity to have opinions differing from the prescribed progressive orthodoxy. How did we get here so fast? Jackbooted thought police will soon be bursting through my door. 

Heck, no one wants to hear about politics. We are peppered with that every waking moment these days. You sure don't come here for my political opinions. You read here because...well I don't know why. I suppose you have a fondness for the mundane. 

There is a cardinal apparently sitting on the top of my chimney. His early morning chirping is echoing down the fireplace flue. The dog's snores are getting louder. He just ripped out a series of farts. This is not the peaceful early morning alone time I have come to expect. My granddaughter will be up soon. There has never been a happier kid. She can sure bring a smile to my face. 

I hope you have a great Saturday.

*I should quit calling him a boy. He is a young man of 23. Habits are hard to break; he has been "the boy" since I started this piece o'crap blog. He was 11 then  My daughter was just set to graduate high school. The oldest son had just learned to drive. Where did the time go?

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