August 19, 2017

Where does it stop?

General George Thomas is one of my historical heroes. My oldest son is named after him. Often overlooked in modern history of the Civil War, Thomas was admired by his peers and enemies alike. One could make the argument that "The Rock of Chicamauga" saved the Western Army.

Thomas grew up on a slave-owning plantation. He won his appointment to West Point in part for his aid in putting down the Nat Turner slave uprising.

George Thomas was a Union general. His sisters were reportedly so distraught he chose to remain in the Federal Army rather than fight for his native Virginia the turned his portrait to face the wall.

There is a statue to General Thomas in Washington DC. Do we tear it down?


Melissa said...

I don't see it ending. The Christopher Columbus statue was defaced in our town this week.

Joe said...

I saw where a Lincoln statue was burned in Chicago

Anonymous said...

We all know what is coming, it won't be pretty.

James Old Guy

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