September 10, 2017

I have questions

I managed to sleep in my bed last night for the first time in about two weeks. I was sick of dozing/sleeping in the recliner.  I think I managed to go most of the night without coughing. Snores that would drown out a grizzly bear did not wake me. Only the wife knows for sure. I'll ask her if I kept her awake when she gets up.

What is wrong with people that they cannot shut their pie hole at the movie theater? We don't need constant commentary, or a recap of what we just saw on the big screen. I know he kissed her. I just watched it happen. For the most part it is not the youth of today being rude, it is middle-aged women who should know better. Maybe it is all of that perfume eating away the brain cells that makes them forget they are not at home.

If hurricane winds can knock down buildings, uproot trees and hurl coconuts like cannon balls, how do small animals and rodents survive? Why isn't there footage of rats or squirrels hurling through the air? I want to see footage of an Everglades python whipping in the wind like an old piece of rope. Where do the tiny chickadees, sparrows, or hummingbirds hide out to escape nature's fury? How do they survive without batteries and bottled water? Where do mosquitoes and bees and spiders hide out? There is so much stuff I do not know.

What the heck, Chicago Cubs?

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Anonymous said...

Watching the Weather channel and checking what they say against the Hurricane center forcast and reports. Jim Cantore is in Ft Meyers, sad for them. We are forcast to have possible tropical storm winds and rain, which will of course change. Our local stations are all weather and the nerd forcasters are in the lime light. They don't even come close to official forecast but it's there time to shine and they are making the most of it. My generator is full of gas, vehicles are full of gas, sandbags are in place. Later time to take down the decorations on the deck.

James Old Guy

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