September 17, 2017

To quote my granddaughter's favorite song, "Let it Go"

I start most days in the same way. I make coffee. I take my meds. I skim the web versions of USA Today and the local TV news. I then read various political/news blogs/commentary. I then either write a post or run through my blog roll. Sometimes I reverse the last two, depending on my level of inspiration on a given day.

For nine months I have been told my vote for Trump is rooted in misogyny and/or white supremacy. Period. Clinton was the most qualified candidate in a generation...blah, blah and I must hate women to not vote for her. Or maybe I wanted to repudiate Obama's legacy because he was a black man. I read articles claiming both notions just this morning.

Funny, when Democrats took over the government after W, it was just a change in direction. When Republicans take over it is about our secret KKK affiliation. The pundits seem to ignore the idea that politics in America has been a see-saw for 25 years. The very notion that a large swath of Americans may not think the role of government is to redistribute, nanny, and invent "rights" is a foreign concept. That some of us want a limited government is so ridiculous that there must be another reason. How could the ignorant rubes not ascribe to liberalism? There must be an underlying cause.

Hillary could not have been defeated because we wanted to step back from liberal policies. It is not possible that we looked at her burgeoning bank account and saw corruption. There is no way that a generation of lies, prevarication, and deceit played a factor. Certainly we should have ignored  her secret server designed to get around public access laws. Her position on our Second Amendment rights could not have played a factor.  No, no we voted against her because we hate women. 

We voted for Trump because we are white supremacists. Sure many of us voted for Obama, but...well now we are Nazi skinheads. The idea that we think the Constitution is the law, not something to be changed by executive fiat, that we support legal immigration but not open borders, that ObamaCare made healthcare worse for many of us -- that is just crazy. Trump voters hate the notion of a powerful woman (despite our support for Sarah Palin) and we clearly want to chuck the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments so we can again have slaves toiling away in cotton fields. Yeah, that must be it.

The low approval rating for all of Congress, no matter the party, is just a coincidence. No sane person could decide to vote for an outsider, the only guy who vowed to drain the swamp. No, no, it must have been something else...

Maybe people voted for Trump because he vowed to put jurists on the Supreme Court who would hold to the Constitution, not "international law", one who thinks the phrase "Congress shall pass no law" means exactly that. That we know forcing us to buy a consumer product is not a "tax" and want a Justice that recognizes that fact. I know, that is crazy talk. We hate women and dark-skinned people. Plus, my wife likes it when I tear up her good sheets to wear to the cross burning. I bring the marshmallows, but only white ones. That is the only reasonable explanation. 

I'm sick of it. Reasonable people can disagree. Just because I don't ascribe to your particular brand of politics does not make me deplorable. It certainly does not make me a Nazi or mean I hate women. It does not indicate that I am stupid. It could mean I don't agree with your politics. Nothing more. Sometimes we cast our vote for a candidate, sometimes against another. Most often, we look at the people running for office, ponder if this is really the best we can do, cast our vote, and go home and vomit. 

The election is over. Move on. Find a better candidate next time. 


Anonymous said...

Freedon of the press sadly doesn't bring any responsablity other than to improve circulation. The old adage that the squeeky wheel gets the grease seems to be the norm of the day. If a pro football player sits during the national anthem and the press doesn't go batshit does anyone really care? Sick and tired of the so called press or actually just rumor mongers and trouble makers.

James Old Guy

Practical Parsimony said...

If the R want smaller government, why do they want to control reproductive rights? Or, is smaller government meant to just lower taxes on the rich? Not control pollution?

I did not like either candidate. I was afraid the Ds might just give away the whole country to anyone with a hand out or wanting to come here.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Nobody on the right is stopping reproductive rights.
Buy birth control.
Just don't murder the baby 'cause YOU screwed up.

Practical Parsimony said...

That is a clueless answer. Besides, I was not talking to you.

Joe said...

I'm neither a D nor an R.

Smaller/ limited government does not mean "no government". That strawman about pollution is a perfect example. No matter ones politics, no one wants dirty water.

I will say anyone has a right to reproduce. So there are no discussion about taking away one's reproductive rights. Are you talking about abortions?

There are two subjects I personally will not discuss here, MY religion and abortion. My feelings on both are very strong.

Readers and commenters may discuss either subject as they see fit. Certainly I encourage comments and replies from everyone.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I have refrained from answering that previous comment out of respect for your blog, Joe.
I will now.
My reply was not clueless. To say otherwise is unintelligent.
If you comment on a blog, you are speaking to those reading, unless indicated otherwise.

Peteforester said...

Practical Parsimony: If you want to have an abortion and can live with the fact that you just murdered a child, have at it. What you do is between you and God. Don't, however, get off on saying those who disagree with you should fund your crime! And for the record; when you comment on a blog, you're talking to the blogger, and everyone else who reads it!

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