September 14, 2017

What Happened?

Dear Hillary,

I think you are missing the forest for the trees. It isn't Comey's fault. It isn't the media covering your emails. It is simpler than that. If YOU did not set up a secure server to get around the law, if you didn't erase a bunch of those messages once you were caught, if you don't try to cover it all up, then there would have been no investigation to help sink your Presidential hopes. So that issue is on you.

You, the media, and the Democratic Party pushed the Trump as a candidate during the primaries because you thought you could defeat him, he would be easier than Jeb! or Rubio. Blame yourself. You didn't have to insult 50% of America by calling them deplorable.  Similarly when your party spends most of the election putting down white guys, Christians, and to a lesser extent white women, you shouldn't be surmised they don't support you. That is on you.

When you don't even bother to campaign in a given state, it is on you when that state votes for the other guy. Again, it is on you.

I think we all know the Russian thing has always been a joke.

I could go on, but in a nutshell your new book explains everything many Americans dislike about you. You do anything to make a buck. Even writing a book that blames everyone but Hillary Clinton. You prevaricate, twist the truth, change your story, and blame everyone else for your shortcomings. You have a history of this. A vast right wing conspracy did not get a blow job from Monica, your husband did. A video did not get people killed in Libya, your policies did. The FBI did not cause you to lose to Trump, you did. 

I do not want nor need your "absolution". I did nothing wrong in voting against you. Your hubris knows no bounds, you egomaniac.

Please, just go away. 

There, readers, no need to buy her book. I have covered it in 511 less pages and saved you a cool $18.00.  You are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Clinton's of any shape or form lost me a long time ago. She is as is her husband a blame machine. The DNC rigged her attempt, they knew Bernie had no chance and for whatever reason they couldn't find another candidate. I am not sure I current two party system will continue to survive, of all the people in this country these two are the best either party could come up with? I believe the vast majority of American's are sick of both parties and which ever party finally figures out that pandering to the 10% doesn't work will win out.

James Old Guy

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Shoot, nobody needs to read that book. The question and answer are both on the cover.

"What Happened -- Hillary Rodham Clinton".

Melissa said...

The best thing was when she said she paid 1+ million on the house next door for the transition team. Whoops bad move

Joe said...


I saw that. It cracked me up

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