October 26, 2017

About the blog

I’m still here. Breathing and thinking;  everything a sentient human ought to do. Except writing stuff here. That, I’m not doing. Well, except I am. The fact you are reading this is proof. I haven’t, -written, that is - for a few days.  Confused? Me too. 

There was a layer of frost on the pumpkins this morning. There was frost on the grass as well. I suspect that cold snap will kick-start the trees into fall mode. The leaves on most of my trees are decidedly green.  

I could fill the next couple of paragraphs with complaints. You are not interested. Rest easy, I won’t go down that path. 

I haven’t watched any baseball, but I wish I would have last night. It sounds like a contest for the ages. Oh, well. I won’t lose sleep over it. 

The granddaughter is spending the night. That is good. 

Look, I have just served up ample proof my life is boring, I have nothing to say, and my apathy level as regards the old blog is pretty high. You have shown a remarkable disdain for repeats. 

What do you want for nothing?


Anonymous said...

Watched the homerun derby contest last night. Baseball has become a joke.

James Old Guy

Anonymous said...

As a Cubs fan, I am rooting the Astros to win. It was a very exciting game last night. I question pulling the Dodgers starter that early, but I guess the Dodgers were just following the analytics of lefties vs. righties.

Alex said...

Hey Joe,

This is Alex here! Just wanted to let you know I just replied to your email :)

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