October 6, 2017

Bad attitude blogging

It is a crappy day. You don't want details. Let's just agree that it sucks for a Friday and leave it at that.

Mom always told me if I cannot say anything nice then I should not say anything at all.

Anything at all.*

Baseball playoff games that I actually care about start this evening. That is a good thing, so all is not lost.

I ran to the store at lunch. Walking back to my car I passed a woman in the parking lot talking on her phone under a large plaid umbrella.   It was not raining.

I don't feel too bad about this post, you actually got the content of two posts yesterday combined into one omnibus of genius and insightful commentary. You did, I don't care what you say.

I'm not going to post Friday music. You will get over it, if you even notice.

Enjoy your Friday

* there are so many negatives in the sentiment I am unsure if I wrote something smart-assed or not.  I intended to.


slugmama said...

My day has pretty much sucked too.
Thank goodness it's almost over....

Anonymous said...

Hope it gets better, my week pretty much sucked but that is just me.

James old Guy

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