October 18, 2017

Going to bed angry and disappointed

I know you don't care about baseball. That is OK.

The Cubs are down 3-0. There is no way they can come back from that deficit.

No matter how bad the bullpen or the Skipper's head scratching decisions, if the Cubs cannot score runs they will not win.

The idea we could see a Dodgers/Yankees World Series leaves me wanting to puke. I would even root for the Cardinals over the Dodgers, and I would root for just about anyone playing the Yankees.


Anonymous said...

Back in the long lost days of my youth, I thought they only teams playing in the world series was the Yankee's and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Stopped following pro baseball a long time ago.

James Old Guy

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Hey hey, Cubs pulled one out last night. They’re still World Champions. But yeah, they’re done.

Repeats are hard. Let’s just hope it’s not another 108 years to the next one.

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