October 20, 2017

Happy dance

Friday! This has been one very long week. I will be ecstatic come five o'clock, but I am giddy as a fly on a dog turd this morning.

Yeah, I know the Cubbies lost. Down at one point 3-0 in the series with the Dodgers, it was inevitable. I stated at the start of the playoffs I did not think Chicago could get past LA. You can't win it all every year. I didn't think it would be that ugly though.

I finally got the money my old employer has owed me since February. It is not a lot of cash, about a normal bi-weekly paycheck, but welcome as a drink of cool water in the desert. Too bad it is earmarked for bills. The tiny bit extra? Well, the wife dropped her phone yesterday and cracked the screen into a spiderweb of destruction. Sigh.

I did get a $10 credit from Amazon for the e-book price fixing settlement. Free books!

I'm off to work, enjoy your Friday.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

For the lady, I would strongly recommend one of the Zagg Invisible Shield screen protectors. They're kind of expensive, but my wife got one with her Samsung S7 Edge, and has dropped it screen side down at least once, without damage. She also had to replace the Zagg because the idiot at the Verizon store didn't get it put on correctly and it developed bubbles, but Zagg replaced it no questions asked under their lifetime warranty. I think it cost her $5 for shipping. Hell of a cheap deal to protect a $600 phone.

As for the Cubs, yeah, there's always next year, and I figured they'd have trouble with LA. But I'm glad they at least didn't go down in four. And did you see those shots Javy took in game 4? He hit that first one a ton. It was poetry to watch.

And no matter what anyone says, they're still World Champions. It ain't over till it's over. And they won it all in our lifetimes, too, which is more than my long-suffering dad was able to say.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Oh, and I got $17.10 from Amazon. Given that a friend of mine got a whopping 38 cents, I suspect I read way too much. ;)

Joe said...

This is the 2nd time I have received credit. I got about $20 last winter

Yeah, I read way too much

Jean said...

Read way too much? Nuh-uh. Not possible.

Sorry about your Cubs but they still have those rings from last year.
I sooooooooo want the Yankees to get their collective butts whipped.

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