October 13, 2017

The Chicago Cubs are Trying to Kill Me

Come on, other than last year's Game 7 has there been a crazier elimination game? I have no idea who will pitch Saturday, but the Cubs pulled out a miracle. It looked for a while like neither team wanted to win. It's like the pitchers from both teams said " we carried you this far, now let someone else do it". We saw It all, balls hurled to the backstop like a Little League game. Catchers throwing the ball into right field -- again shades of 9 year-old baseball. Walks, hit batters, dropped fly balls.  It was ugly and exciting and nearly killed me.

Now I'm struggling to get to work. Getting to bed after 1:00 in the aye em does not make for a productive day at work. Thank goodness it is Friday.

How about that post yesterday? It had it all, just like the good old days: pictures, links, the works. Don't get used to it. I'm back hunting and pecking on my crappy, outdated iPad once more this morning. Enjoy your Friday and if you see me slumped at my desk, please wake me up when it is quitting time.

Speaking of quitting time, wouldn't it be cool to slide down a brontosaurus at the end of the day like Fred Flintstone?


Melissa said...

My son (15) is off to the Astros game tonight. I am hoping for a Cubbie-Astros match-up in the World Series. Go Cubbies

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I can't watch. I know if I do, they'll lose.

Maybe I should wear my Schwarber jersey to bed, and he'll start batting .500. Whadya think, Joe?

Jean said...

Is baseball supposed to be so painful?

Go Cubs!

Joe said...

Scwarbs whacked a ball so hard Thursday night it dented the wall

I told my wife she better not wash my Rizzo jersey.

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