October 10, 2017

They way it should be

Reasonable people can disagree. You can have a dialogue. We each present our position. There is no name calling. There are not insults and epithets tossed like hand grenades.

I knew my take on the Pence walkout would not be popular. That is OK. I gave my reasons. Most of you disagreed. We had a good discussion. That is how it should work. There was no mention of "tea baggers", no one was called a fascist.

Look, I disagree 100% with the kneelers. Anyone who does not think the movement is a protest against America did not listen to Kaepernick the day after he started this nonsense.

The NFL has let this tarnish their brand. Those who are angry at Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have it wrong. There is no free speech at work. When you are getting paid by the man, you follow his rules. You are on his time. You don't get to stage a sit-in at work, neither do athletes. Unless the owners let them. It is their company. They make the rules.

Anyway, thank you for he polite discussion. You gave me plenty to think about.

If you disagreed with me, you are wrong. 😎

But that is OK.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Hey, it's your blog. Of course you're right. :)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Of course you are correct.
That we disagree. :)

Joe said...

Please see my comment on the previous post

Fuzzy you made me see the light

Anonymous said...

Looks like something is happening if the reports are correct about Goodell sending out a letter. Waiting for the backlash if he did.

James Old Guy

mts1 said...

I once thought I was wrong, but upon further consideration, I was wrong about that. It was the only time in my life that I was wrong about something.

Seriously, if everyone agreed all of the time, what fun would it be?

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