November 20, 2017

A foodie post

Go ahead guess the mystery meat

Hands down, this was the best thing I ate during my recent trip to China. It was even better than Peking Duck, my previous favorite. I had the Duck again this trip and it was excellent, but this dish surpassed the crispy duck skin. I will let you guess what it is in the comments. Feel free to embiggin, it ain't against the rules. No using search engines though. Besides, this isn't a stock picture from the interwebz, I took it myself as the dish was placed on the table. I ate this in a restaurant in Zouzhuang.

Speaking of food, I purchased a nice big turkey for our feast Thursday. I still have to get the rest of the dinner stuff, but turkey was on sale this weekend at Kroger. I saved almost 50% off the tag price. I know a certain blogger who would approve.

Yesterday was cold and blustery, perfect soup weather. I made a big pot of potato soup and some BLTs for supper. The tomatoes were the last from the garden. I brought them in green before the first frost and let them ripen on the counter. I will miss good 'maters until next summer.


slugmama said...

Woohoo! 50% off is sublime. Now get out those coupons and get the rest of your meal.
That duck looks amazing!

Joe said...

Good guess. Not duck

slugmama said...

If it isn't duck then it's pork?

Joe said...

Yep pork. Pigs foot.

I think a more accurate translation might have been the hock. But since it was China it might have been the foot!

hey teacher... said...

General Tso’s unrecognizable blob o’ food?

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