November 7, 2017

A post written tomorrow for your enjoyment today.

I have not seen much on this trip to the Far East: hotel, car, plant, car, hotel. Rinse and repeat.

I have eaten some good food and some not-so-good. Chicken feet, not so good. Beef tongue, tolerable. I still cannot mange chopsticks. My hosts have given up on me in that regard.

I forgot Google is verboten in Red China. So is my personal gmail account. I have gone through leaps and bounds to post this quick note since Blogger is Google too. I am sneaking in through my company's VPN.  I expect the authorities to burst into my hotel room and any moment and drag me off to be squashed by a tank in Tienanmen Square.

Actually the visit is fine, I am finally getting adjusted to the time difference.

Not that you care.

I will say this.  I don't watch CNN at home. That is pretty much the only English channel available here in Zhenjiang. The programming is all Russia/Trump 24-7. I mean the theme of every single story. There is such an anti-Trump bias it is palpable.

Enjoy your week. And yes, this post was written tomorrow due to the international date line and all of that time zone stuff.


Anonymous said...

Are you telling me that CNN is bias? Makes me wonder about the rest. I don't understand, I thought the press was suppose to report the news and not create it. Next thing you will tell me is my Senator is not representing my best interest! OH NO , that might indicate CONGRESS is joke.

James Old Guy

Joe said...

I know

I am appalled at the complete lack of pretense and total bias at CNN International. It makes the local version seem almost shall we say fair and ...balanced...

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