November 17, 2017


Remember when the Democrats, and leftists in general, condemned anyone who criticized Bill Clinton as perverts, focusing on sex? They ridiculed our repressive society and religion in general. It was a just a BJ, they would scoff. So what if Clinton was a person in power who waved his manhood at underlings. We were told to “lighten up you perverts”.

Skip ahead 20 years. Women suddenly “remember” events from 40 years ago and how they have been traumatized for life. Apparently every woman in Hollywood, in the media, in the workplace, at the mall, pushing a cart at Target has been harassed and/or sexually assaulted.

I have no doubt that many, if not most, of the accusations are true. Men are pigs. Men are assholes. Men are predators. Men are jerks. Men think about sex all of the time. Some of us are able to contain our urges. Some cannot will not.

That said, am I the only one who finds the current...hysteria....a little unsettling? Hypocrisy of the left aside, the whole atmosphere is a little reminiscent of a witch hunt.

Should I fear for my job, my marriage, my reputation, because back in 1977 I spent pretty much every minute of summer school Driver’s Ed staring at a girl named Nancy’s sideboob? And what about now, since four decades later I still remember her magnificent rack?

 Whoops, sorry.

I suppose that confession will get me reported and kicked off Blogger. That is three strikes against me — conservative  white  male. Hillary was right, I am deplorable.

I never thought I would long for the days where were focused on Russian Facebook ads.

Some days I really miss the Cold War. Back then we didn’t have to invent crisis to worry about.

Part of me wonders if my position here is very wrong. Women have been treated pretty much as objects for far too long. Caveman Curt probably tried to cop a feel in exchange a portion of his newly- killed saber tooth tiger. Things haven’t gotten better.

Those of the female portion of the species, or think they are, or want to be, or are just confused about their nether regions, should feel free to set me right in the comments. I have a suspicion that I am completely out of touch.

Still, I can’t help but think about the estimated 900 men, women, and children “witches” who were tortured and burned from 1625-1631 in Wurtzburg, Germany. It still feels like we are in the midst of a media and political witch hunt.


Ed Bonderenka said...

That last comment threw me for a bit, but it's early, and I get it now.
There is this:

Cappy said...

I remember Nancy. She had some fine side boob!

Anonymous said...

Guilty by press, no proof needed if you are woman accusing someone of something sexual. The bandwagon is getting full but I expect more five minutes of fame and standing up for womens rights. I think we are seeing the democrat game plan rolling out for future elections.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

It isn't only women making accusations.

Looking isn't the same as unwanted touching. Or verbal harassing/threatening.

"Some of us are able to contain our urges. Some cannot."...Cannot?

Weren't most of the victims of witch hunts female?

Joe said...

“Cannot” s/b “will not” changed

The witch trial “fad” took hold all over Europe and in America for a couple of spurts in the early 1600s. Those in Wurtzburg ( one of my favorite places) were particularly horrifying.

A good fictional account of the hysteria of the times in Southern Germany is a book called “The Hangman’s Daughter.”

Joe said...

Further, this is a topic I probably had no business addressing and should just delete the post.

I’ve never been on the ugly end of harassment. Unless you count a comment about my nice ass by some girls back in middle school that left remarkably shy me red faced (that was probably the point, I was remarkably tongue tied around the fairer sex). Never a perp nor a victim I lack the experience to opine.

Anonymous said...

Nothing generates news like a good sex scandal. The reality is this is no win situation for any male accused of anything considered a sexual harassement charge, unless you are a Clinton. If you questions the motives of the accuser you are pig, if you ask for proof you are a pig. Unless you jump on the bandwagon you are part of the problem. Personally I have questions about a fourty year old accusation when the person being accused has been a public figure for the whole time. I have been around men and women for my whole life, go figure, and I can tell you there are women out there that will put a man to shame when it comes to nasty talk and actions. I am sorry when you use your good looks and figure to advance yourself , then cry years later, why didn't you do something before? Go ahead and hand me the old " I was afraid until know". If it was that tramatic for 40 years, you have had plenty of time to do something about it, and now it is your word against his, and we all know who the press will believe.

James Old Guy

Practical Parsimony said...

James Old Guy,
You don't even understand what you don't understand. I have a 55 year old trauma I have never revealed. Well, another that is 63 yrs old.

I am a liberal who thought and still think Clinton is a pig, a real jerk. Don't paint all liberals with a broad brush.

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