December 28, 2017

I thought that was March’s thing

Remember when December started unusually mild? We had temperatures pushing 70 at the beginning of the month. Mother Nature likes to bat for average, so now we are seeing a spate of very cold weather to even things out. It is not just the month of March presenting us with the lamb/lion motif. Looking ahead at the forecast, the new year is slated to start off with bone chilling cold:  highs around here will barely inch above zero. Guess what? It is winter, it gets cold like this every year.

In other news, there is no other news. The Colts will wind down their dismal season Sunday. The politicians are home, doing no harm. Serious electioneering a few weeks away for the 2018 primary season.

Here at the homestead I am ready to strip the house of the Christmas decorations. We normally go from Thanksgiving to New Years. This year, I was ready to be done with it on the 26th. We have two invitations to hang out on New Years. I don’t really want to go anywhere. I’m ready to put this year in the past. I’m trying to moderate my language these days, but I can only say good fucking riddance to 2017.

Why yes, I have a bad attitude about everything these days — work, weather, the holidays, politics, life in general. You may be shocked at this clear departure from my usual sunny disposition and positive outlook on things. Maybe more coffee will help improve my attitude.

I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the wife would get upset if I took the decorations down Christmas night, like you I am done with this year. I am hoping a new year will bring a better attitude on my part but I doubt it.

James older than dirt Guy

Anonymous said...

Update,,tree and christmas stuff is back in storage above the garage.

James Old Guy

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