December 5, 2017

Shoulda coulda

Yesterday it was in the mid-sixties. In December. As could be expected with a warm front like that there was a high wind. Leaves were blowing from the pear trees like snowflakes. I looked at the backyard and knew I should have gone out and used the mower to chop them up and bag them. I looked at the trees and saw a large percentage of the leaves were hanging on to the limbs with a tenacious energy. Then a few phone calls for work, blah, blah and I did nothing. In all honesty, I didn’t really want to go out and do the work.

This morning the backyard is ankle deep in leaves — literally, not figuratively. Sigh. I console myself with the knowledge that had I mowed up the detritus yesterday the yard would still be covered fresh this morning. The trees are mostly bare today. Thanks wind.

Yesterday was shirtsleeve weather. Today it is in the 30s. It is not going to get warmer anytime soon. In fact, it is supposed to snow this weekend. Besides, I emptied my gas can and drained the mower for winter. Feeble excuses that in no way prevent me from using a rake. The front yard filled two large garbage cans and five bags. The backyard will take at least triple that. The bottom line is I’m in a lazy mood and don’t want to do it.

The wife reminds me I wanted all of these trees. Just because she is right doesn’t mean I have to acknowledge the fact. I’m trying to convince myself that all those rotting leaves over the winter will be good for the grass. Besides, one shouldn’t have to rake leaves around Christmas decorations.

I know, I know. If you are looking for me this afternoon, I’ll be out back, bundled against the cold, getting rid of the leaves.  Boy, I miss the days when you could push leaves into a pile and burn them up. That’s the smell of fall to me.


Anonymous said...

Let them rot, good for the soil.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

Here people can rake the leaves in a pile on the curb, then the city sends out trucks to vacuum them up, twice per season. This year,however, since the leaves have been so slow to fall they've had to re-schedule more than once.
The weather seems to get weirder every year.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The grass here is so bad, it doesn't matter if I leave the leaves to rot or not.

I did clean up the front yard, to keep She Who Must Be Obeyed happy. The back yard can wait till spring.

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