December 26, 2017

Sparring with my inner demons on Boxing Day

Good morning, readers. I hope you had a great Christmas, Festivus, holiday, or long weekend. We had a great Christmas here at the old homestead. On Christmas Eve we celebrated with extended families and on Christmas Day we went to my daughter’s for dinner. I raked in some nice gifts. Apparently, I was a much nicer boy this year than I thought.

I ordered my wife some Ugg slippers from Amazon. It is the only thing she requested specifically. Either I ordered the wrong size (I don’t think so) or they sent the wrong size. My fair spouse does not have large feet, but these slippers were obviously made for someone who practiced the ancient Chinese art of footbinding. They are tiny. We will have to figure out how to return and exchange them this week.

It is a chilly ten degrees outside this morning with a subzero windchill. I have no intention of going outside, so it does not matter to me. Inside, the thermostat is set to a comfortable 69. (Hah! He said 69). I will admit it is cool here in the recliner next to blogging room window. We still have the original windows from when the house was built in the early ‘90s. All it takes is money to have them upgraded to more energy efficient models.

I have the day off work, so goofing off is on the schedule today. Maybe I can get the wife to go see Star Wars with me. Probably not.

Have a great Tuesday

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If they came from Amazon, easy to return -- just go into your orders and click the return button to start the process.

I've only had to return a couple of things to Amazon over the years, and one of them was just last week -- I bought what I thought was a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab A Android tablet, and when it came I should have turned it right around, because the box contained a return slip from someone else. It was clear the tablet wasn't refurbished, and on top of that, it hadn't even been factory-cleared so I could use my own Gmail account to log into it -- it kept telling me it had to be logged into with an account that had been logged into it before. So after two days of trying to get around that, I gave up and sent it back.

And I found a newer model Samsung tablet at Costco for less money (and brand new), so I bought one there instead.

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