December 3, 2017

this boring life

Here we are on a cold Sunday morning.

I didn’t accomplish much yesterday. I finished a good book. Try it, it don’t cost nuthin’. I went for a walk. I took a short nap. I watched a Bruce Lee movie. I watched a couple of cooking shows. We went to dinner, came home and watched some shows we had DVRed. I went to bed. Ho hum, ho hum.

I would like to describe some big Sunday plans. I cannot. I have the empty Christmas decoration boxes to put back in the attic. I will probably go for a walk — I need that exercise! I will tune in to see the Colts choke away another game. Maybe I’ll fry up some chicken or make a pot of chili for supper. I don’t know.

Anyway enjoy your Sunday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

We're eating turkey chili lately....

Anonymous said...

Made some crockpot barbque, didn't feel like firing up the smoker. Not sure about today,haven't watched the pro's with any interest in years. It is going to be gray half warm day here in the south, just another day in life but I do have to take the trash out today, they pick up in the morning. I am debating myself on leaf cleanup, they haven't all fallen yet so I will put it off another week. It looks like we might get an actual freeze late in the week. The other half has told me I need to take up croche like her, I don't see that happening.

James Old Guy

Jon Moore said...

Thanks for the tip, just downloaded the book.

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