December 20, 2017

Wednesday Wanders

I fried up some chicken for supper last night. Mashed spuds, gravy, biscuits, and corn rounded out the meal. I’m not sure why you’d care what I ate.

I am slouching towards the weekend and Christmas holiday. I think I might take a few days of vacation to get the whole next week off. It is not like any customer is going to talk to me. I usually use that dead period to clean up my files and such. I’m in pretty good shape this year. I could use the time to prospect; finding info on potential customers through the interwebz. I could save my vacation days and work.

I am not sure if we have ever been less prepared for Christmas. The good news is my daughter is hosting Christmas dinner, so I don’t have that to worry about. We just have to make some stuff for the pitch-ins at the extended family Christmas Eve functions.

We went to the granddaughters’s Christmas pageant at preschool yesterday. There is nothing more entertaining than watching the teachers try to get groups of 2, 3, and 4 year-olds to line up and sing. It is like trying to herd guinea pigs. The kids are cute and hilarious. The church had big video screens on the sides of the stage. My granddaughter spent most of the time watching herself not sing.

The wife is heading over to my daughter’s today to make cookies, candy, and treats. It will be an all day affair. Three generations of girls cooking and baking. They will have a blast. Keeping my granddaughter from dumping whole bottles of sprinkles or colored sugar on every sugar cookie will be a challenge. Like every kid, she loves sprinkles.

I have a tune from an old musical floating on the edge of my consciousness that sums up my mood today: coasting along. I just can’t dredge it up.  I don’t know if the song fragment is Desi singing in “The long, long trailer” or a Martin/Lewis flick, or a Crosby and Hope road adventure. It is just an undefined snippet about “cruisn’ along,  singin’ a song”. Hah! The internet knows all and sees all. The song is “Side by Side”.  Martin and Lewis covered it. So did Bing. That explains why both were rolling around in my brain pan.

I hope you have a great Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Have a great Wednesday.

James old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

I knew that song in two bars!

Joe said...

Normally, I’m really good at “name that tune” today my brain failed me

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