January 6, 2018

I'll take 420 for $200, Alex

The last time I burned a doobie was more than three decades ago. The fact I use the term "doobie" probably says a lot about it. I was never a huge fan and usually only partook pot under the influence of alcohol. In other words, I don't have a dog in the legal marijuana hunt. I think pot leads to harder drugs as you search for that better "high".  I also don't see a big difference between smoking a joint and a downing a shot of whiskey.

I do think if California or Colorado or name your state wants to make smoking dope legal that is their business. It should not be a Federal issue. Washington DC doesn't get to dictate Indiana's archaic and ridiculous alcohol laws. I say legal pot is a good way to make tax money, it takes the black market out of the equation and ensures a safe transaction for all concerned. Soon the police will park outside marijuana stores ready to bust stoners as they jump behind the wheel like they do bars around here: another way to make revenue for the local and state coffers. Everybody wins. More importantly, this is a 10th Amendment issue.

Maybe Jeff Sessions should spend his time rooting out the corruption and partisanship at the DOJ and FBI instead of wasting time reinventing Prohibition and Elliot Ness teams to smash apart greenhouses.

On a more cynical note, if the Republicans want to stay in power long-term the millennial vote is more important than any minority group support. Be the party that legalizes marijuana nationwide and lowers the drinking age to 18 or 19.  Make the Democrats argue against it.  There I just earned my political consultant fee, send that big check my way as soon as possible.

Edit: title fixed to less demonstrate how unhip I really am


Ed Bonderenka said...

You're so out of it you said 410, not 4:20.
I thought you were gonna write about your first shotgun.
I can't be for the promotion of a mind altering substance.
When it's legal, it's advertised and hyped.
Alongside that, you make sense.

Anonymous said...

The problem I see is there is no standard for pot, I have seen some hardcore potheads claim there is a state standard for those states the have legalized recreational pot. The stuff that is out there now is a lot stronger than the stuff I smoked back in the day. It is also started to show up laced with other things that will kill you. I have also seen the cures cancer claim which is pure bullshit, it doesn't cure anything, it might help with pain management but that is all. Let the federal government set a standard and let the states decide legal or not. Like I said the real problem is just like back in the prohibition days, you don't know what you are smoking unless you grew it yourself and know what you are doing. My personal experience is "no don't legalize it" . Hell just watch LIVE-PD to see what is going on with so called peacefull potheads.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

I don't believe it is a gateway drug. I smoked off and on for about ten years until I got a job with the local chapter of the National Safety Council. I didn't want to be a hypocrite while teaching driver safety.
My last toke was 1985, no withdrawal, no regrets.
Pot was laced with nasty stuff even back then. It paid to know your dealer.
In pure form, I believe it is less dangerous than alcohol.

Joe said...

Geez, I'm an idiot. 420.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Sessions is implementing yet another Trump chess move.

The federal law is stupid, the war on drugs is stupid, and Trump knows it. So instead of ignoring the law like Barry did, Trump tells Sessions to start enforcing it. 'Critters and Senators from legal marijuana states immediately, like, have a cow, man.

And the next thing you know, there will be some action in Congress to either repeal or water down the drug laws, effectively ending the (federal) War on Drugs. Another win for Trump.

Which would be fine with me, just like it would be fine with me if they'd zero out TSA and let law-abiding citizens carry on aircraft. (One restriction: Frangible ammo only. I'd prefer you didn't hole the aircraft while shooting the jihadi hijacker.)

Full disclosure: I haven't smoked pot since I was in high school, the only pot I ever smoked that actually had an effect was some Thai stick my next door neighbor scored back in the '70's (and yeah, that was some good shit right there), and to be brutally honest, I'd rather sip bourbon, neat, than have that smell of burning ditch weed in my nostrils. If you want to smoke pot, go ahead; but the same laws should hold for smoking pot as hold for smoking tobacco. Keep it outside, no less than 8 feet from the doorway.

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