January 24, 2018

Warmed over dog doody

Top O' the morning blog world. I have been up for a while. I managed to take my meds, answer and send some work emails, clog up the toilet, and eat 1/2 of a donut. It is what I do.

Mostly, I am up because I think I am getting sick. My skull feels like it is clamped in a vise and my innards are twisted and I feel achy all over. I am shivering with cold. My right nostril has started a steady drip of snot. That last bit may explain the pounding in my head. I suspect most normal humans would be at the ER if the had a fraction of my symptoms.

It may also be true that I am a hypochondriac of the highest order. We shall see as the day progresses. 

In the meantime, I have to go take another whack at the plunger.   I assume you want me to eschew the details.

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Anonymous said...

winter cold or flue or you might be identifing as a democrat.


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