January 9, 2018

Women want me, men want to be me

One more day of seasonable winter weather then we get a couple of days in the 50s. Yes, I wrote 50s. It was subzero just a few days ago. Crazy. I blame it on global warming, climate change. What a great theory, no matter what happens with the weather you can claim it was caused by burning evil fossil fuels: cold, hot, dry, wet, stormy -- all because of living a modern life. Of course the climate Chicken Littles do not have an answer on how solar panels will keep us warm when it is cloudy for weeks at a time or how windmills have to be shut down if it blows too hard or how neither can generate enough power when the grid is maxed out by home furnaces battling -20 outside temperatures. If the Climateers were really interested in a safe environmentally friendly power source they would be out pushing for Nukes. We all know that is not the agenda at all.

Since it was just a shade above freezing yesterday evening I took advantage of the "warm" weather and threw a couple of chicken breasts on the grill. Later, while the wife was doing laundry, I bowed to peer pressure (her whining) and baked a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I even washed up the mess afterward. I still don't understand why I am not on the cover of Good Housekeeping, or Perfect Man, or People magazine. Plus, I know the words to the National Anthem.

Clearly, I too am Spartacus a Stable Genius.


Anonymous said...

73 today, snow is rapidling melting which of course means mud. Downtown Charleston is paying for 200 year old pipes. The electric provider for Charleson SCE&G announced the biggest use of electricity in 10 years. Well since the population has just about doubled since then it makes sense. They are just trying to cover their butts for the Nuclear Power plants (2) that went under costing a few billions. They forgot to tell the public it seems, and the public is not happy about increasing bills because of it. I am not on thier system so other than an increase billed next month it has no impact on me unless my co-op decides to jump in on this diaster.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

GQ is calling.

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