February 27, 2018

A Common Sense Proposal to Save Lives

There was a hit and run over the weekend. A local teen was killed. Police are looking for a late model Chevy Cruze.

This has to stop. This is at least the third or fourth hit and run locally since the beginning of the year that involved a Chevrolet. I propose an immediate ban on Chevy brand cars.

Did you know you can sell a Chevy to anyone with cash? There is no process in place to ensure the buyer is licensed or has insurance? There is no way to trace if the car was used in a previous hit and run? This loophole must be closed. Did you know you can purchase an old Chevy at a car show? You don’t have to go through a dealer. You can even buy cars over the internet.

Over 3,000 people die in car crashes every day on average in this country.  As many as 50 million more are injured in car crashes every year, many of which are teens. This has to stop.

I propose we ban the Chevy brand immediately. I call on the major car rental companies to cease renting Chevys and purge their fleet. They should eliminate the GM employee corporate discount.

Enough is enough.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I will not give up my Chevy , you will have to pry it out of my dead cold hands. Then again, got a deal on a Dodge or Nissan? Don't even say the word Ford.

James Old Guy

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