February 14, 2018

John has a long moustache, The chair is against the wall...

The other night I was surfing through my TV channels looking for something to watch. I have 2,194 channels and nearly 19 of them are not home shopping related. Still, I couldn't find anything worthwhile except the Olympics. Tired of old Miami Vice reruns I reluctantly watched ice skaters do their thing.

At one point I opined to the wife that I am surprised that no one has tried to do the same-sex couple thing in pairs skating. We both laughed.

The Big Brother listening devices in my living room are working. My Echo spy machine has reported my conversation, because lo and behold there is an editorial in USA Today calling for same-sex couples in figure skating. Hah! You can look it up yourself, I am too lazy.

I will admit I did not know Will Farrell made a movie about that some years ago. I suspect it was not funny. 


Ed Bonderenka said...


Joe said...

I thought it would take longer for anyone to catch it!

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