February 21, 2018

With apologies to King Crimson

Mother Nature has been schizo here in the 21st Century. Sure, blame it on climate change, I don’t care. Yesterday we saw record-breaking temperatures in the mid-seventies. Today, we can expect highs in the upper thirties and snow flurries in the afternoon. What the Heck?

I whipped up a batch of baked pasta for supper last night. The house still slightly smells of garlic and tomatoes. I sometimes wonder why I am cooking when the boy has his day off. He is a sous chef. I don’t think I have ever eaten his food, unless you count back when he was a cook. He has never cooked at home, that I can recall. I suppose expecting him to cook on his day off is like expecting your doctor cousin to diagnose at the Thanksgiving get-together. He never criticizes my efforts. I’m not sure if that is an endorsement of my skills or apathy. Maybe he likes anything he doesn’t have to prepare.

We have hit hump day. We can start to look forward to the weekend. I’m not sure if even the weekend can cure what ails me. I simply need a vacation.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

wife joined weight watchers,, I am screwed.

James old Guy

Joe said...

The old “we” are on a diet. No pecan or sugar cream pie for you.

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