March 28, 2018

I guess he really did vault those lazy dogs

The boy reports he was sitting on the patio last night smoking his cancer sticks and minding his business. He looked up and there stood a large red fox staring at him, about 10 feet away. The boy jumped and the fox did too, both thinking "What is he doing here?".

You might not think this so very strange, the 'burbs are populated by wildlife -- coyotes, coons, opossums, deer, chipmunks, and such. The neighbors reported a fox a few times last fall. What is unusual is that my backyard is surrounded by a 6' tall privacy fence. The boy said he wondered how the beast got in, only to get his question answered. He watched the fox turn and with a quick burst of speed the fox jumped the fence easily.

Now the boy is worried about letting his little corgi out in the night.


Anonymous said...

Fox not a problem, Coyote a problem. We have issues down here in SC with Coyote's even on some of the islands. The local PETA wack jobs love them, until a pack eats up thier house critters. We have problem's with Coyotes and Gators this time of years. The next month or so the assault deer will be out attacking vehicles.

James Old Guy

Practical Parsimony said...

We have coyotes in our neighborhood. Cats disappear.

hey teacher... said...

Our fluffy, white house cat routinely jumps our 6 ft. fence. Had a skunk meander under the gate last summer and take up residence under our shed. Fun times.

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