March 14, 2018

it has something to do with the circumference and the diameter, I think

I have to go with apricot first, with peach a close second. I’m pretty fond of sugar cream. Apple ranks high on the list too. Key lime rounds out the top five. Pecan gets honorable mention.

I like any kind of pie, especially on pi day.


Jean said...

Mom used to pick elderberry from our own bushes on the farm.
Made quite the yummy pie. Grandpa's wine was very nice, too.

Practical Parsimony said...

My pie on Pi day was the sample at Publix which was lemon meringue pie. Excellent!

hey teacher... said...

You are a nut! Pecan is the king of all that is pielicious. Long live the king!

Joe said...

I can dig on a pecan pie

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