March 21, 2018


I’m a liar, or at least someone is. I reported the start of spring yesterday. I woke up to light seeping in through the closed blinds this morning. At first I thought I might have overslept. Alas, the brightness was light reflecting from snow covering the ground. Beautiful thick layers of snow blankets trees, shrubs, streets, grass — everywhere. It would be a perfect Christmas postcard. Too bad it is March. A couple of inches of ugly nasty snow. There is probably even snow on that sentence fragment. What the heck, Mother Nature? It is supposed to keep snowing until mid-morning and then it will warm into the 40s this afternoon. I have nowhere to go this morning, the granddaughter is not coming today, so I think I will skip the shoveling of the drive and walks and let Ma Nature melt it off.  She caused the mess, she can clean it up.


Jean said...

The melting here has started slowly.
I'll throw some salt to help sister Ann get back in the driveway after work. A heavy six inches fell in about 8 hours. So very sucky.

Joe said...

The weather quacks are calling for 4-6 inches more on Saturday

Ed Bonderenka said...

Not sorry it's missing us.
I'm not missing it.

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