March 5, 2018

Random Rantings

So, WalMart has decided they won’t sell you a gun if you are under 21, despite your Constitutional right to have one and the fact you have met every legal requirement of your State. What is the difference between that situation and a person who refuses to bake your wedding cake? Is it not a different form of discrimination? Of course I think that if WalMart wants to have an age-limited gun policy that is their right. Similarly, I think if a bakery wants a no-gay wedding cake policy, that is acceptable too. Let the invisible hand deal with it, not the government’s iron fist.

One of the main secondary roads into the suburb where I live narrows down to two lanes and for a mile or so traverses a tree-lined area. One side is old and second growth forest. The other shows a bare glimpse of houses cut into the trees. I’m talking real estate that can only be purchased by people making six figure incomes and where the first number in those six figures isn’t a one.

Traffic in this area can be brutal and major expansion of the main arteries is in the works. That means the alternative routes have to be prepared for the upcoming increase in traffic. Bulldozers are out ripping up the trees to widen the road and install yet more traffic circles in an effort to reduce rush hour traffic. I know the road needs widening. It still makes me sick to see the trees torn out.

I also hate sitting through three cycles of the traffic light just to get through the intersection. Sigh.

The streak is intact. I still have never watched an Oscars broadcast. In no way do I feel like my life is incomplete because of it.

It is Monday, work beckons.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

All this bs on guns is doing nothing but selling more of the crappy black scarey looking guns. Walmart only sold guns in half of their stores and stopped selling black scarey guns a few years ago. The bandwagon is getting full. I find it funny that Delta has only sold 13 tickets at a discount rate when it did it's grandstanding thing. The good thing GA gets more revenue from fuel taxes, makes me wonder why Delta was getting this tax break to begin with. Delta isn't moving from Atlanta.
We have the same thing going on here with trees, one of the old roads going to one of those evil old plantations is lined with black oak tree's, there is a big fight on to widen the road. I have one of those black oak's in my back yard, in fact they are are all over the place. Progress always cost something, the number of people killed on that road has been increasing over the years as more and more people move into this area. This one might be easier as a survey shows most of the tree's are in bad shape, estimates are some of the trees are 200 years old. The survey people has estimated the tree's in our hood are in the 200 to 300 year old range. Mine is showing its age, but will be ok for another 20 years or so before it has to come down.
In other news , the black car is covered with green pollen, the Azela's are starting bloom and the early season grass is growing.
Grandson starts Tball practise today and his dad is the head coach. I was drafted last year at times to help coach , wonder if that will happen again.


Cappy said...

The invisible hand is good. Especially when it reaches out and chokes the shit out of some politician that richly deserves it.

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