March 7, 2018

Strange Brew

it is snowing. The ground is covered with a thin layer. The streets are just wet. Oh Spring, you are bi-polar indeed. The snow is supposed to taper off at any time. We will be left with wind, cold, and clouds. At least the neighbor’s Christmas lights will look festive in the snow.

I am staring at the danged cursor. It is mocking me with its steady pulse. When I started this post I had a list of stuff to write about in my head. I made the comment about the inconsequential snowfall and now the rest of my thoughts have melted away like March snowflakes on the potholed pavement.  WTH brain?

Perhaps it will come back to me later. There is no rule limiting me to one post a day.  You may think there should be, but so far I can spread my nonsense with impunity.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

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