March 18, 2018

Sunday Morning deserves a really good title. I hope someone uses one on their blog

I pre-wrote a Sunday post Saturday. It will go up in a bit, at a completely arbitrary time I pre-entered. That is unless I stop it and post this instead. Or I might can this one. Confused? Me too (and not in the hashtag* way).

I woke up around 3 AM and catnapped until 5:00 or so when I got up. I’ve been surfing the web since then, drinking coffee and listening to music quietly. I am enjoying the Amazon Prime 60s rock station this morning. There is a little too much Hendrix for my taste, but he goes away with a simple “Alexa, skip”.

Here is a heresy for you: I think Jimmy Hendrix is remarkably overrated. There, I said it. I will admit his version of  All Along The Watchtower is far superior to Robert Allen Zimmerman’s. You know — Bob Dylan. Who, by the way, is another overrated icon from the sixties. Yep, I just wrote that. I expect the Rock and Roll god will strike me down with a bolt of lightning shot from the tip of that ugly-assed pyramid in Cleveland. I don’t hate either musician. I have select tunes from both on my iPhone. They are nowhere near the top of my list of loathed artists such as Steve Miller. I will turn off The Joker as soon as the first notes sear my eardrums.

It is OK if you want to be wrong and disagree with me. I have eclectic taste in music. What I like probably isn’t your cup of tea.  My wife and son both really hate The Doors.

Here is a tune I can dig:

From the original 60’s lineup of Fleetwood Mac, long before Lindsey and Stevie turned them into a pop powerhouse.

I like both iterations of the band: the blues driven, and the rock pop version.

Just to update you on the status of things, I took the canned Sunday post and merged it with the fresh one to give you a semi-fresh version. Think of it as the equivalent of making homemade salsa with canned ‘maters.

I think I have wasted enough of both of our time (times?)** on this Sunday. Have a great day.

* when did “#” quit being called a pound sign or more accurately, the octothorp?

** I don’t think either is correct — the sentence is just awkward but you probably get the general meaning and I would rather waste time writing a pointless post script that rewriting the sentence. I’m stubborn like that.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Johnny Cougar, in any incarnation, is also highly-overrated.

Ditto Bruce Springsteen.

Jean said...

Could say "wasted enough time for both of us." ?
Not that you did. Never.

Joe said...

That’s it, Jean. You should write this blog and bring a little class to the joint

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