March 26, 2018

Wake up Thalia, I've got blogging to do

Here we are on a cloudy Monday morning. The coffee is hot, my muse is still snuggled under the covers, snoring gently.  Clio, Thalia? Are you awake?

Oh well.

There was a big anti-Constitution march over the weekend. I guess it as good thing the Second Children's Crusade was targeting the Second Amendment instead of the First one.

Basketball happened. I guess hockey too. There was weather. Ive been waching old reruns of Miami Vice. I do not think that drama was too realistic.

Muses, wake up! Sigh. Sorry, maybe later.

Have a good Monday anyway.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These are the same students who select a homecoming King and Queen based on being a jock and big boobs. It is called follow the cool crowd, any student who didn’t agree with them is instantly an outcast. In realty its is nothing but social bulling brought to you by the democrat party.

James Old Guy

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