April 13, 2018


This post says it all.

No further editorial comment from me is needed.


Cappy said...

Much more actual education, many fewer kumbiyah sing alongs.

Anonymous said...

Education is broken, time to scrap the whole thing and start over.

James Old Guy

hey teacher... said...

Our 8th grade language arts teachers just covered the Holocaust with student driven presentations, displays and guest speakers. Very thorough. Thank you all for painting with broad brushes. Can I borrow them for our next mural project?

Joe said...

The social studies textbooks are usually not very good. That doesn't mean the teachers are bad, tne curriculum is. My kids' 8th grade US History spent just a couple of days on the Civil War, and most of the lesson was on the 54th Massachusetts of Glory fame.

Note you said it was the language arts teacher who did a module on the Holocaust, not tne social studies department. That is the point.

hey teacher... said...

8th grade Social Studies curriculum covers U.S. history up and including Reconstruction.Over 6 weeks spent on Civil War and Recon with a lot of non-textbook sources being used.That’s the good news but... Lots of class time spent on making sure students know how to take tests and what will be on them. Please send all thank you notes for this to Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence and your local GOP legislator.

Anonymous said...

On that we agree


Joe said...

I will say yet again that the teaching of history is pretty lousy in general at all levels of education. It doesn't have to be a dry list of facts and dates. Take any story you enjoy and there is an. Event in history that mirrors it.

Like Game of Thrones? Welcome to tne War of the Roses.

Minus he dragons.

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