April 23, 2018

I would skip reading this post if I were you

It is possible this post will be less intelligent than usual.

I spent most of last night crapping my brains out.


12 hours of diarrhea can't be good. I think it is medicine related as opposed to food related. I ate nothing my wife did not also eat, plus there is no abdominal pain, just copious amounts of butt soup.

TMI? I venture the answer is a certain "YES".

Assuming I have not contracted a stray strain of cholera I will probably survive.

I'm afraid to fart though.


Anonymous said...

Contipation will arrive soon

James Old Guy

Practical Parsimony said...

I had a similar experience that involved 53 hours of diarrhea. But, I threw up along with it. I thought it was just gas once and just went with it, but I just expelled more diarrhea. I sat on the commode and held a bucket while both ends did their thing. I feel sorry for you! It was an infected lymph node in my mesentery.

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