April 24, 2018

It is Tuesday and I ain't paying for that hamburger

Good morning fellow Earthlings. It looks to be a cool wet day here in Hoosierdom. April showers and such are on tap. I'm feeling better. Thanks for all of your cards and flowers.

In other news...yeah. I'm just burnt out on politics.

It seems those guys may have been loitering around in that Philly Starbucks for as much as 45 minutes without buying anything before being asked to beat it. Keep in mind the guys refused dto leave before the cops were called. They still refused to vacate even when the police asked. I smell a BLM stunt here.

What other restaurant would let people take up a table for 45 minutes and not order anything? It is not race, it is business.

Or maybe the Starbucks manager is a Grand Dragoon of the KKK. We will never know, because like everything in today's America it has to be political and racist and probably somehow Trump's fault.

The Cubs are back in The Mistake by the Lake for a rerun of the '16 Series tonight.

Have a great day.

PS to my Cleveland Indians fans -- I'm wearing my 2016 World Champion T-shirt today, well aware that we were one little rain delay from switching roles.


Anonymous said...

I always go to important life changing meetings in a hoodie and sweats.

James Old Guy

Joe said...

Exactly. The whole thing seems not right. We will never know the facts.

Jean said...

Once again, the rain helped. Never matter that our starter sucked.

Joe said...

If the Cubs ever want to trade Scwarber, the Indians should give up the farm for him. He is 15/30 there with five HRs and a triple.

Jean said...

Bauer took care of him tonight.
Lester's first loss in Cleveland.

Cappy said...

If we switched roles you'd have to host Bill Murray.

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