April 4, 2018

Snide and Sarcastic Snark for beginners

Monday's heavy snow and Tuesday's heavy rain have been replaced by strong gusty winds. I guess these weather extremes indicate we are all going to die due to Weather! Climate Change! Even though it has been warmer and colder before.

The "unprecedented" melting of the Arctic last summer uncovered an old fishing settlement hundreds of years old. The huts were built centuries before Karl Benz or Elwood Haynes slapped a gas engine into a carriage. Humans were drying fish on racks near the ice-free Arctic Circle more than a half a millenia before the Industrial Revolution. Draw your own conclusion.

In other news a crazed shooter shot up YouTube. It is imperative we ban something and restrict access to more stuff in the name of safety. This murderous woman broke eleventy-seven laws, both state and federal, so only by adding more laws could she have been stopped.

My coffee mug is nearly empty. My reservoir of snark is not. For both our sake, I think I will address the coffee situation and save the snide opinion for another day.

You are welcome.


Ed Bonderenka said...

And that's why I read your blog.
Good stuff.

Joe said...

Gracias, Ed

Cappy said...

I like this blog. Smokes cleaner, smoother than FarceBook. Now in menthol!

Joe said...

Why Cappy, you know it is hand rolled by a lovely Caribbean maiden

Practical Parsimony said...

Have you seen a doctor about your hands?

Joe said...


Nah, I treated it like any real man does when it comes to medical issues. I ignored it. It is mostly going away now.

I think it was sun poisoning, more specifically , polymorphous light eruption. Since I have a fake medical degree from a non-existent university I am able to semi-accurately self-diagnose. I have stayed many times at a Holiday Inn Express, so I am qualified.

Thanks for asking, though.

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