May 21, 2018

Easy apple turnovers

Yesterday passed with sunny skies and warm and humid temperatures. The forecasted rain never materialized. I got the Barbie Jeep assembled with no issues and the wife did the decal work. It is ready for a test drive today if the weather cooperates.

I got the bathroom sink fixed. It took less than a half an hour.

Amazingly, I assembled the car and fixed the sink without uttering a single curse word! Oh, I was tempted. I came close. I growled a “ come on you mother” at a fitting that did not want to thread on the drainpipe, but left the universal adjective off the end of the sentence.

I made a grilled chicken salad for our dinner. Light fare for a warm day. I should have cut the grass and worked on the yard. Oh well, that chore will still be there today or tomorrow or whenever I have time. The work that actually pays the bills comes first on this Monday morning.

Here is a recap of the weekend political news: because Trump. Oh, and there was a wedding. I’m surprised the media did not find a way to claim the nuptials went off without a hitch because a Trump wasn’t involved. Maybe they did. I didn’t watch even one second of the coverage.

Here is a recap of SNL: Trump bad. We have to say a Trump bad in every skit, even if that means foregoing humor.

Enjoy your Monday. I’m sure Trump will do something that will make Watergate, the Teapot Dome scandal and the entire Grant administration look good in comparison, at least according to the media.


Nawm D Gerr said...

Enjoy your humor. I am also trying to stop swearing. I am moving to a small town and realize that the pace will be much slower and I need more patience!

Joe said...

I spent most of my life living in towns with populations less than 18,000.

We moved to the ‘burbs in 2013, now I’m just one of 80,000 plus and one of the fastest growing towns in America.

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