May 5, 2018

The electronic graveyard

I found my old Palm Tungsten E yesterday. I plugged it in and it surprisingly came back to life. The old data was gone. It has sat dormant for close to 15 years. I'm not surprised the memory is cleared.

This model was in a long list of Palm products I owned and used all of the time. I started with the venerable Palm Pilot sometime in the late 1990's. I grabbed the Palm IIIC when it came out with a color version and internal rechargeable battery. Then came the Tungsten. I bought a Palm Treo smart phone when it hit the market, combining my PDA and my mobile phone. My employer was pushing Blackberries, but I showed how all of my data and contacts was already on the Palm platform and how my phone had features the Blackberry could not match.  The computer guy eventually ditched his Blackberry for a Treo too.

Then the iPhone hit the market. I did not get the first generation model, the company was not that advanced. I did buy an iPod touch, though. Based on my Treo recommendation the boss was ready to let me experiment with the iPhone 3G. I have never looked back. I'm on my fourth or fifth iPhone. I could upgrade from my 6S, but it still works great. More importantly, it is paid for. My old iPhone 3G still works. I, or rather my Granddaughter, uses it as an iPod touch, playing music and taking pictures.

The old Palm Tungsten was pretty cool to find. They are going for $5 to $100 on EBay. I see several for sale. I'm not sure there are buyers.

It is amazing where tech has gone over the years.


Practical Parsimony said...

My electronic graveyard has three flip phones in it.

Jean said...

In 12 years I'm on my second flip phone. No camera, no web.
I had Verizon block texting.
I am the original dinosaur.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Yep. The Tungsten was the bomb.

Joe said...

I like gadgets. I have three amazon echoes, iPads, phones.

When we moved I had four Nokia phones and two other flip phone models as well as my od priginal cell phone, a Motorola bag phone, in a box. In tne early days the phone company would just give you a new phone every year for free if you just re-upped for another year.

Joe said...

I might add that the Palm's "write on the screen" technology is still far superior to anything on the iPhone

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