May 24, 2018

There is never a test and you don’t have to write a blue book essay

I ordered a new Cubs hat because I wanted to. I have several. All different styles. I was notified that it shipped last night. It is coming from a suburb of Columbus, OH. According to tracking it should arrive at my house on Tuesday by eight PM.  That’s no big deal. I paid for the 3-5 day shipping. I just find it interesting that it will take as much as 6 days* to go 170 miles.

According to my iPad maps app, I can walk from Groveport, OH to my home in 2 days and 13 hours. Theoretically, I could have walked over there, picked up my Cubs hat, and walked back home in the same time frame it will take FedEx to deliver it. I could drive it in 3 hours. I know because I have done it hundreds of times.

The Pony Express bragged they could deliver mail from St. Joseph. MO to Sacramento, CA in ten days, a distance of 1,996 miles. if I use my fingers and toes to calculate I think that comes to about 200 miles a day. My new Cubs chapeau will travel at a rate of about 28 miles per day. Where is Buffalo Bill when you need him?

On the other hand, It cost $1 to ship a 1/2 oz. letter by Pony Express in a time when an average laborer was making about $25 a month. My shipping costs in proportion are significantly less.

I’m sure you do not care about my hat. But look at the cool stuff you learned in this post. We discussed geography, history, economics, and math. Coming here is almost like going to school, only a lot more fun. And it is free!

* I know there is a weekend and holiday involved. If it shipped on Monday and got here Wednesday I wouldn’t have anything to post about and you wouldn’t have a chance to read about the Pony Express. Sheesh. 


Jean said...

After reading you for all these years...where's my diploma?

I'm also thinking that if your hat was the ONLY delivery being made, it would get to you quicker (but cost much more. See what you helped me figure out?).

Joe said...

Ah Jean,

You know education is a life long process. We never graduate from Hoosierboy U.

Jean said...

So we will grow very old together.

Linda said...

Well, this was a thought-provoking post. I sent two packages, one to NYC and the other to southern Texas for $7.52 total. and they arrived in three days and over the weekend. What do you make of that? Practical Parsimony

Joe said...

Fuzzy — you have the best hat. It is still impossible to leave a comment on your blog

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Try now. Stupid Wordpress.

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